Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
zoth of January, 1800. Woodward is well known by his prolific pencil, 
but we are fo little acquainted with the man himfelf, that I cannot Hate 
the date either of his birth or of his death. 
There lived at this time in Edinburgh an engraver of fome eminence 
in his way, but whofe name is now nearly forgotten, and, in fact, it does 
not occur in the lail. edition of Bryan's "Dictionary of Engravers." This 
name Was John Kay, which is found attached to prints, of which about 
four hundred are known, with dates extending from I784 to I817. As an 
engraver, Kay poffeffed no great talent, but he had confiderable humour, 
Locking n Rork in tire Face. 
and he excelled in catching and delineating the ftriking points in the 
features and gait of the individuals who then moved in Edinburgh Society. 
In faft, a large proportion of his prints confifl of caricature portraits, often 
feveral figures on the fame plate, which is ufually of fmall dimenfions. 


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