Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
There was much of Bunbury's Pryle in that of Woodward, who had :1 
tatle for the fame broad caricatures upon fociety, which he executed in a 
Iimilar fpirit. Some of the fuites of fubjefts of this defcription that he 
publifhed, fuch as the feries of the " Symptoms of the Shop," thofe ot 
" Everybody out of town " and " Everybody in Town," and the " Speci- 
mens of Domeftic Phrenfy," are extremely clever and amuiing. Wood- 
ward's defigns were alfo not unfrequently engraved by Rowlandfon, who, 
as ufnal, imprinted his own {lyle upon them. A very good example of 
this practice is feen in the print of which We give a copy in our cut 
N0. 220. Its title, in the original, is "Defire," and the paflion is 
exemplified in the cafe of a hungry fchoolboy watching through a window 
a jolly cook carrying by a tempting plum-pudding. XVe are told in an 
infcription underneath: "Various are the ways this paifion might be 
depieted; in this delineation the fubjeets chofen are fimple_a hungry 
boy and a plum-pudding." The defign of this print is Hated to be 
Woodward's; but the {iyle is altogether that of Rowlandfon, whole. name 
appears on it as the etcher. It was publilhed by R. Ackermann, on the 


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