Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
without his name. Such was the cafe with the print of which we give a 
copy in our cut N0, 219, which was publilhed on the 5th of May, 1796, 
and which bears ftrongly the marks of VVoodward's Pryle. The fpring of 
this year, 1796, witneffed a general difappointment at the failure of the 
negociations for peace, and therefore the necellity of new facrilices for 
carrying on the war, and of increafed taxation. Many clever caricatures 
appeared on this occafion, of which this by Woodward was one. Of 
courfe, when war was inevitable, the queition of generals was a very 
important one, and the caricaturift pretends that the greateft general of 
the age was " General Complaint. ' The general appears here with an 
empty purfe in his right hand, and in his left a handful of papers contain- 
ing a lift of bankrupts, the flatement of the budget, Sac. Four lines 
beneath, in rather doggrel verfe, explain the fltuation as follows  
Don't tell me qfgeneral: rarfed from mere boys, 
T lmuglz, believe me, I mean not tlzeir laurel to taint; 
But the general, 1' m furs, Ilmt will make the MM nofje, 
If tlze war fiill gas: on, will be General Complaint. 


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