Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Litemture and Art. 
a large mafs of the caricatures pnblilhed at the latter end cf the lali 
century and the beginning of the prefent, appeared anonymonily, or 
with imaginary names. Thus a political print, entitled " The Modern 
Atlas," bears the infcription "Mafr Hook fecit;" another entitled 
"Farmer George delivered," has that of "Poll Pitt del." " Every- 
body delinit," is infcribed on a caricature entitled " The Lover's Leap  
and one which appeared under the title of "Veterinary Operations," 
is infcribed "Giles Grinagain feet." Some of thefe were probably 
A F afbian.-zbla Salurafion. 
the works of amateurs, for there appear to have been many amateur 
caricaturilts in England at that time. In a caricature entitled " The 
Scotch Arms," publifhed by Fores on the 5rd of January, 1787, we find 
the announcement, " Gentlernen's defigns executed gratis," which means, 
of courfe, that Fores would publifh the caricatures of amateurs, if he 
approved them, without making the faid amateurs pay for the engraving. 
But alfo fome of the belt caricaturilts of the day publilhed much anony- 
moufly, and we know that this was the cafe to a very great extent with 
fuch artifts as Cruikfhank, Woodward, 8zc., at all events until fuch time 
as their names became fufiiciently popular to be a recommendation to the 
print. It is certain that many of Woodward's dehgns were publilhed 


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