Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

gr Caricature 
An example of thefe incidents of hortemanthip is copied in our cut 
No. 216, where a not very ikilful rider, with a troublefome horfe, is 
taking advantage of the ftate of the ground for accelerating locomotion. 
It is entitled, " How to travel on Two Legs in a Frolt," and is accom- 
panied with the motto, in Latin, " Qflenzlzmt terris hum: tantum fata, 
neque ultra qyZ1_[inent." 
Occafionally Bunbury drew in a broader ftyle of caricature, efpecially 
in fome of his later Works. Of our examples of this broader iiyle, 
the tirfi cut, No. 217, entitled "Strcphon and Chloe," is dated the 
Ifl of July, 1801. It is the very acme of fentimental courtfhip, exprefled 
in a fpirit of drollery which could not eafily be excelled. The next group 
(cut No. 218), from a flmilar print publiihed on the 21ft of July in the 
fame year, is a no lefs admirable pieture of overfirained politenefs. It is 
entitled in the original, "The Salutation Tavern," probably with a tem- 
porary alluiion beyond the more apparent delign of the pifture. Bunbury, 
as before Hated, died in 1811. It is enough to fay that Gr Jofhua 
Reynolds ufed to exprefs a high opinion of him as an artiit. 
Bunbury's prints rarely appeared Without his name, and, except 
when they had paffed through the engraving of Rowlandfon, are 
eafily recognifed. No doubt his was confidered a popular name, 
which was almoil of as much importance as the print itfelf. But


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