Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
1801, which was publilhed by Fores. At this and a later period fome of 
his defigns were engraved by Rowlandfon, who always transferred his 
own ftyle to the drawings he copied. A remarkable inftance of this is 
furnifhed by a print of a party of anglers of both fexes in a punt, entitled  
"Anglers of 1811 " (the year of Bunbury's death). But for the name, 
" H. Bunbury, del.," very diftinctly infcribed upon it, we ihould take this 
to be a genuine detign by Rowlandfon; and in 1803 Rowlandfon 
engraved fome copies of Bunbury's prints on horfernanthip for Acker- 
mann, of the Strand, in which all traces of BuI1bury's {lyle are loft. 
Bunbury's ftyle is rather broadly burlefque. 
Bunbury had evidently little taite for political caricature, and he 
No, 216. 
feldom meddled with it. Like Collet, he preferred fcenes of focial life, 
and humorous incidents of contemporary manners, falhionable or 
popular. He had a great tafte for caricaturing bad or awkward horfe- 
manihip or unmanageable horfes, and his prints of fuch fubjeets were 
numerous and greatly admired. This taiie for equefirian pieces was 
 fhown in prints publifhed in 1772, and feveral droll feries of fuch fubjeets 
appeared at different times, between I781 and 1791, one of which was 
 long famous under the title of " Geoffrey Gambadds Horfemanlhip." 
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