Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0]" Caricature 
produced on the public, was that on Fox's India Bill, publiihed on the 
5th of September, I783. It was entitled " Carlo Khan's Triumphal 
Entry into Leadenhall Street," Carlo Khan being perfonified by Fox, 
who is carried in triumph to the door of the India Houfe on the back of 
an elephant, which prefents the face of lord North. Burke, who had 
been the principal fupporter of the bill in debate, appears in the character 
of the imperial trumpeter, and leads the elephant on its Way. On a 
banner behind Carlo, the old infcription, " The Man of the People," the 
title popularly given to Fox, is erafed, and the two Greek words, 
BAEIAEYE BAEIAEQN, " king of kings," fubftituted in its place. 
From a chimney above, the bird of ill omen croaks forth the doom of the 
ambitious minifter, who, it was pretended, aimed at making himfelf more 
powerful than the king himfelf; and on the tide of the houfe juit below 
we read the words- 
Tke night-zrow criedjbrebading Iucklqfs time.- 
Henry William Bunbury belonged to a more ariftocratic clalis in 
fociety than any of the preceding. He was the fecond fon of fir 
William Bunbury, Bart, of Mildenhall, in the county of Suffolk, and 
was born in I750. How he firit took fo zealoufly to caricature we have 
no information, but he began to publifh before he was twenty-one years 
of age. Bunbury's drawing was bold and often good, but he had little 
{kill in etching, for fome of his earlier prints, pnblilhed in 1771, which he 
etched himfelf, are coarfely executed. His def-igns were afterwards 
engraved by various perfons, and his own Ityle was fometimes modified in 
this procels. His earlier prints were etched and fold by James Bretherton, 
who has been already mentioned as publifhing the works of James Sayer. 
This Bretherton was in fome eiteem as an engraver, and he alfo had a 
print-{hop at I 3 2, New Bond Street, where his engravings were publifhed. 
James had a fon named Charles, who difplayed great talent at an early 
age, but he died young. As early as I772, when the macaronis (the 
dandies of the eighteenth century) came into fafhion, James Bretherton's 
name appears on prints by Bunbury as the engraver and publilher, and it 
occurs again as the engraver of his print of " Strephon and Chloe" in 


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