Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Fox, made the latter a continual fubjeet of his fatire. Nor did this zeal 
pafs unrewarded, for Pitt, in power, gave the caricaturitt the not unlucra- 
tive offices of marlhal of the court of exchequer, receiver of the (ixpenny 
duties, and cnrfitor. Sayer was, in facft, Pitt's caricaturift, and was 
employed by him in attacking fucceliively the coalition under Fox and 
North, Fox's India Bill, and even, at a later period, Warren Haftings on 
his trial.  
I have already remarked that Sayer was almoil exclufively a poliLical 
caricaturift. The exceptions are a few prints on theatrical fubjetts, in 
which contemporary actors and acleffes are caricatured, and a iingle 
fubje6t from faihionable life. A copy of the latter forms our cut 
No. 215. It has no title in the original, but in a copy in my poH'eHion 
a contemporary has written on the margin in pencil that the lady is Mifs 
Snow and the gentleman Mr. Bird, no doubt well-known perfonages in 
contemporary fociety. It was publilhed on the 19th of July, 1783.  
One of Sayer's molt fllCCCfbfl-11' caricatures, in regard to the eH'e6 it 


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