Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

gf Caricature 
draughtftnan, and his pi6tnres are produced more by labour than by tkill 
in drawing, but they poffefs a confiderable amount of humour, and were 
futticiently fevere to obtain popularity at a time when this latter character 
excufed worfe drawing even than that of Sayer. He made the acquaint- 
ance and gained the favour of the younger William Pitt, when that 
Itatefman was afpiring to power, and he began his career as a caricaturitt 
by attacking the Rockingham miniiiry in I782-of courfe in the intereft 
of Pitt. Sayer's earlielt produetions which are now known, are a feries of 
caricature portraits of the Rockingham adminiiiration, that appear to have 
been given to the public in inftalments, at the feveral dates of April 6, 
May 14, June I7, and July 3, 1782, and bear the name of C. Bretherton 
as publilher. He publifhed his lirft veritable caricature on the occafion of 
the minitterial changes which followed the death of lord Rockingharn, 
when lord Shelburne was placed at the head of the cabinet, and Fox and 
Burke retired, while Pitt became chancellor of the exchequer. This 
caricature, which bears the title of "Paradife Loft," and is, in fact, a 
parody upon Milton, reprefents the once happy pair, Fox and Burke, 
turned out of their paradife, the Treafury, the arch of the gate of which 
is ornamented with the heads of Shelburne, the prime minifter, and 
Dunning and Barre, two of his [launch fupporters, who were Conlldered 
to be efpecially obnoxious to Fox and Burke. Between thefe three heads 
appear the faces of two mocking fiends, and groups of piftols, daggers, 
and fwords. Beneath are iufcribed the well-known lines of Milt0n- 
To the eafiernfde 
Of Paradffi, jb late tlzeir lmpgyfeat, 
Wawed over by tbatjlaming brand ; the gate 
-With dreazffulfaces throng-ed and fery arms I 
Some natural tear: they draft, but wiped tlzemfvan. 
Tlze world 'wa.r all b.-fare tlmm, where to rlzaofe 
Tlzeir place qfrqfi, and prvvidencz tlzcir guide. 
Tlzqy, arm in arm, -wirlz qua1xd'ring-fieps, andjlzrw, 
Tl1ra' Eden look tlzeirfolitmy '1_0a_y. 
Nothing can be more lugubrious than the air of the two friends, Fox and 
Burke, as they walk away, arvn in arm, from the gate of the minillerial 
paradife. From this time Sayer, who adopted all Pitt's virulence towards 


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