Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Cups, or the Private Devotions of a Convent." 
the following lines  
See -with Mg]? friars bow religion tlzri-vex, 
W110 [aw good living batter tlxan gaad lives; 
Paul, tlzejuperiorfazlzer, rulex tlze roajl, 
Hi: gud  tile glafv, Me Hue-qyed nun Iris tonjl, 
Tim: jzriefis coqfume -z0lmtfZ'arful_fbal: bgfio-w, 
Jndfaintf dzmatinm make the bumpersflaw. 
Tile 11utler'jIeeps_tlle cellar door i:frzs- 
Tlzis is a modern rlo.j?er's piety. 
Collet to Sayer we rufh into the heat-I may fay into 
-of politics, for James Sayer is known, with very trifling 
1: f 11; I"  
wm U"  TQM 
  h - X 
 Xwl  - Q 
  Wm. 4 
2 :     M W -1, 
ii  A 
N0, 114. Father Paul in ma Cups. 
ceptions, as a political caricuturiit. He was the fon of a captain of a 
merchant {hip at Great Yarmouth, but was himfelf put to the profeil 
Hon of an attorney. As, however, he was p0fTeiTed of a moderate inde- 
pendence, and appears to have had no great taiie for the law, he negleeted 
his bufinefs, and, with conhderable talent for fatire and caricature, he 
threw himfelf into the political {trife of the day. Sayer was a bad 


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