Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
porter in one hand, and in the other a knotted club, each knot labelled 
"lie I," " lie 2," 8zc. The painter, in his "Anecdotes," exults over the 
pecuniary profit he derived from the extenfive fale of thefe two prints. 
The virulence of the caricaturilis againft Hogarth became on this 
occafion greater than ever. Parodies on his own Works, fneers at his 
perlonal appearance and manners, refleetions upon his character, were 
all embodied in prints which bore fuch names as Hogg-afs, Hoggart, 
O'Garth, 8zc. Our cut No. 211 reprefents one of the caricature portraits 
of the artift. It is entitled " Wm. Hogarth,  drawn from the Life." 
Hogarth wears the thifile on his hat, as the {ign of his dependence on 
lord Bute. At his breaft hangs his palette, with the line of beauty 
infcribed upon it. He holds behind his hack a roll of paper infcribed 
" Burlelllue on L-d  In his right hand he prefents to view two 
piftures, " The Times," and the " Portrait of WVilkes." At the upper 
corner to the left is the figure of Bute, offering him in a bag a penfion of 
K5300 per ann." Some of the allufions in this picture are now obfcure, 
but they no doubt relate to anecdotes well known at the time. They 
receive fome light from the following mock letters which are written at 
the foot of the plate  
" Copy (fa Lmer from Mr. Hag-garrlz to Lord Murklzmen, will lzis Lordjbilfs Anfwer. 
" My Lord,-The enrlosecl is a design I intend to publish ; you are sensible it 
wiil not redound to your honour, as it will expose you to all the world in your 
proper colours. You likewiee know what imlucerl me to do this; but it is in y' 
power to prevent it from appearing in publick, which I would have you do 
"Maia? Hog-garth,-By my saul, mun, I am sare troobled for what I have 
done; I did na ken y' muckle merit till noow ; say na mair about it; I'll mak au 
things easy to you, 8c gic you bock your Pension- 
In an etching without a title, publifhed at this time, and copied in 
our cut No. 212, the Hogarthian dog is reprefented barking from a 
cautious difiance at the canonical bear, who appears to be meditating 
further mifchief. Pugg {tands upon his maIter's palette and the line of 
beauty, while Bruin refts upon the " Epiltle to NVm. Hogarth," with the 


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