Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Monitors and North Britons, the violent journals of the popular party, to 
feed it. There is much detail in the print which it is not neceifary to 
defcribe. In fulfilment of his threat, Wilkes, in the number of the 
North Briton publilhed on the Saturday immediately following the pub- 
lication of this print, attacked Hogarth with extraordinary bitternefs, 
cafting cruel reflections upon his domeitic as well as his profeflional 
character. Hogarth, Itung to the quick, retaliated by publiihing the well- 
known caricature of Wilkes. Thereupon Churchill, the poet, Wilkes's 
friend, and formerly the friend of Hogarth alto, publilhed a bitter inveelive 
in verfe againil the painter, under the title of an "Epiille to William 
Hogarth." Hogarth retaliated again: "Having an old plate by me," 
he tells us, "with fome parts ready, fuch as a background and a dog, 
I began to conlider how I could turn fo much work laid afide to fome 
account, {'0 patched up a print of Mailer Churchill in the character of a 
bear." The unfinifhed picture was intended to be a portrait of Hogarth 
himfelf; the canonical bear, which reprefented Churchill, held a pot of 


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