Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

in Literature and Art. 44.5 
the other fide Hands Dr. Morell, or, perhaps, Mr. Townley, the mafter of 
Merchant Tayl0rs' School, who continued his fervice in preparing the 
book for the prefs after hrIorell's death, defcribed as " the author's friend 
and Corrector," aftonilhed at the fight of the ghoit. The ugly figure on 
the left hand of the picture is described as "Deformity weeping at the 
condition of her darling ion," while the dog is " a greyhound bemoaning 
his friend's condition." This group is reprefented in our cut N0. 210. 
The other caricatures which appeared at this time were two numerous 
to allow us to give a particular defcription of them. The artilt is ufually 
reprefented, under the influence of his line of beauty, painting ugly 
pictures from deformed models, or attempting hiltorical pictures in a Ityle 
bordering on caricature, or, on one occafron, as locked up in a mad-houfe, 
and allowed only to exercife his lkill upon the bare walls. One of thefe 
caricatures is entitled, in allufion to the title of one of his molt popular 
 prints, " The Painter's March through F inchley, dedicated to the king of 
 the gipfies, as an encourager of arts, 8zc." Hogarth appears in full flight 
 through the village, clofely purfued by women and children, and animals 
 in great variety, and defended only by his favourite dog. 
With the " Marriage oi la mode," Hogarth may be confidered as having 
I reached his highelt point of excellence. The fet of " lnduftry and Idle- 
nefs" tells a good and ufeful moral tiory, but difplays inferior talent in 
 defign. " Beer Street" and " Gin Lane " dilgult us by their vulgarity, 
 and the " Four Stages of Cruelty" are equally repullive to our feelings 
by the unveiled horrors of the fcenes which are too coarfely depicted in 
them. In the four prints of the proceedings at an election, which are 
the latt of his pi6tures of this defcription, publilhed in 1754, Hogarth rifes 
 again, and approaches in fome degree to his former elevation. 
 In I757, on the death of his brother-in-law, John Thornhill, the 
 oflice of fergeant-painter of all his M-ajefty's works became vacant, and it 
was bettowed upon Hogarth, who, according to his own account, received 
from it an income of about 55200 a-year. This appointment caufed 
another difplay of hoftility towards him, and his enemies called him 
jeeringly the king's chief panel painter. It was at this moment that a 
 plan for the eftablifhment of an academy of the fine arts was agitated, 


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