Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Grotqfque 
qf Caricature 
treatife on the Fine Arts, publithed in the {ixteenth century." In 
another caricature by Paul Sandby, with a vulgar title which I will not 
repeat, Hogarth is vifited, in the midi? of his glory, by the ghoft of 
Lomazzo, carrying in one hand his treatife on the arts, and with his other 
holding up to view the line of beauty itfelf. In the infcriptions on the 
plate, the principal figure is defcribed as "An author fmking under the 
weight of his faturnine aualyfis;" and, indeed, H0garth's terror is broadly 
painted, while the volume of his analyiis is reiting heavily upon  a ftrong 
fupport bent in the line of beauty by the mighty load upon it." Behde 
Hogarth {tands " his faithful pug," and behind him "a friend of the 
author endeavouring to prevent his linking to his natural lownefs." On 
4" It was translated into English by Richard Haydockg, under thg title of ff The 
Artes of Curious Paintings, Carvings, Bnildinge,"fo1. I598. This is one ofihe 
earliest works on art in the English language.


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