Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
at the proper exercife of his talte." To his brealt is attached a card (the 
kuave of hearts), which is defcribed by a very bad pun as "the, fool ot 
arts." On one fide " his genius" is reprefented in the form of a black 
harlequin; while behind appears a ratherjolly perfonage (intended, perhaps, 
for Dr. Morell), who, We are told, is one of his admirers. On the table 
are the foundations, or the remains, of "a houfe of cards." Near him 
is H0garth's favourite dog, named Trump, which always accompanies him 
in thefe caricatures. Another caricature which appeared at this time 
reprefents Hogarth on the [tage as a quack doctor, holding in his hand 
the line of beauty, and recommending its extraordinary qualities. This 
print is entitled " A Mountebank Painter demonftrating to his admirers 
and fubfcribers that crookednefs is ye moft beautifull." Lord Bute, whofe 
patronage at Leiceiter Houfe Hogarth now enjoyed, is reprefented 
fiddling, and the black harlequin ferves as " his puff" In the front a 
crowd of deformed and hump-backed people are preiling forwards (fee 
our cut No. 209), and the line of beauty fits them all admirably. 
Much as this famous line of beauty was ridiculed, Hogarth was not 
allowed to retain the fmall honour which feemecl to arife from it undif- 
puted. It was faid that he had Helen the idea from an Italian writer 
named Lomazzo, Latinifcd into Lomatius, who had enounced it in a 
tread 11:


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