Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

revifed by his friend, Dr. Morell, the compiler of the "Thefaurus," 
whofe name became thus affociated with the book. This work expofed 
its author to a hofl of violent attacks, and to unbounded ridicule, e['pe- 
cially from the whole tribe of offended artifts. A great number of cari- 
catures upon Hogarth and his line of beauty appeared during the year 
I754, which {how the bitternefs of the hatred he had provoked; and to 
hold liill further their terror over his head, molt of them are infcribed 
the words, " To 
Among the artilis who efpecially 
Ggnalifed themfelves by their zeal againfc him, was Paul Sandby, to 
whom we owe fome of the heft of thefe anti-Hogarthian caricatures. 
One of thefe is entitled, "A New Dunciad, done with a view of 
[Hxing] the fluetuating ideas of tafie." In the principal group (which is 
given in our cut N0. 208), Hogarth is reprefented playing with a pantin, 
or figure which was moved into aftivity by pulling a firing. The firing 
takes fornewhat the form of the line of beauty, which is alfo drawn upon 
his palette. This Hgure is defcribed underneath the pieture as " a painter 


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