Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the very punifhment which he inflicted on others. He made many 
perfonal enemies in the courfe of his labours. He had begun his career 
with a well-known perfonal fatire, entitled "The Man of Tafte," which 
was a caricature on Pope, and the poet is faid never to have forgiven it. 
Although the fatire in his more celebrated works appears to us general, 
it told upon his contemporaries perfonally; for the figures which aft 
their parts in them were fo many portraits of individuals who moved in 
contemporary fociety, and who were known to everybody, and thus he 
provoked a hoft of enemies. It was like Foote's mimicry. He was to 
an extraordinary degree vain of his own talent, and jealous of that of 
others in the fame profeflion; and he fpoke in terms of undifguifed 
contempt of almott all artifts, paft or prefent. Thus, the painter intro- 
duced into the print of "Beer Street," is faid to be a caricature upon 
John Stephen Liotard, one of the artifts mentioned in the latt chapter. 
He thus provoked the hoftility of the greateft part of his contemporaries 
in his own profefiion, and in the fequel had to fupport the full weight of 
their anger. When George IL, who had more tafte for foldiers than 
piftnres, faw the painting of the " lVIarch to Finchley," inftead of admir- 
ing it as a work of art, he is faid to have expreifed himfelf with anger at 
the infult which he believed was offered to his army; and Hogarth not 
only revenged himfelf by dedicating his print to the king of Pruliia, by 
which it did become a latire on the Britifh army, but he threw himlelf 
into the faction of the prince of Wales at Leicetter Houfe. The firlt 
occafion for the difplay of all thefe animofities was given in the year 1753, 
at the clofe of which he publifhed his "Analyfis of Beauty." Though 
far from being himfelf a fucceisful painter of beauty, Hogarth under- 
took in this work to invelligate its principles, which he referred to 
a waving or ferpentine line, and this he termed the " line of beauty." 
In 174.5 Hogarth had publithed his own portrait as the frontifpiece to a 
volume of his collected works, and in one corner of the plate he introduced 
a painter's palette, on which was this waving line, infcribed " The line 
of beauty." For feveral years the meaning of this remained either quite 
a myftery, or was only known to a few of Hogarth's acquaintances, until 
the appearance of the book juit mentioned. Hogarth's manufcript was 
3 L reviferl


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