Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
from which it would feem that, after depleting the miferies of a life of 
diflipation in either fex, he intended to reprefent the domeilic happinefs 
which refulted from a prudent and well-ailiorted marriage; but for fome 
reafon or other he abandoned this defign, and gave the pieture of wedlock 
in a leis amiable light, in his " Marriage d la mode." The title was pro- 
bably taken from that of Dryden's comedy. In 1750 appeared "The 
March to Finchley," in many refpecits one of Hogarth's bell: works. It 
is a {triking expofure of the Want of difcipline, and the low morale of the 
Engliih army under George II. Many amuflng groups fill this pieture, 
the fcene of which is laid in Tottenham Court Road, along which the 
guards are fuppofed to be marching to encamp at Finchley, in confequence 
A brave Soldier. 
of rumours of the approach of the Pretendefs army in the Rebellion of 
'45. The foldiers in front are moving on with fome degree of order, but 
in the rear we fee nothing but confufion, fome reeling about under the 
effects of liquor, and confounded by the cries of women and children, 
camp-followers, ballad-fingers, plunderers, and the like. One of the latter, 
as reprefented in our cut No. 207, is allifting a fallen foldier with an 
additional dofe of liquor, while his pilfering propenfities are betrayed by 
the hen fcreaming from his wallet, and by the chickens following dif- 
traeteclly the cries of their parent. 
Hogarth prefents a Gngular example of a fatirifl who fuffered under 


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