Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
accurately reprefented. Several rather early manufcripts of Terence have 
been preferved, illuiirated with drawings of the fcenes as reprefented on 
the ilage, and thefe, though belonging to a period long fubfequent to the 
age in which the Roman Rage exiiled in its original charaeter, are, no 
doubt, copied from drawings of an earlier date. A German antiquary of 
the lall century, Henry Berger, publifhed in a quarto volume a feries of 
fuch illufirations from a manufcript of Terence in the library of the 
Vatican at Rome, from which two examples are teleeled, as lhowing the 
ufual Ptyle of Roman comic aiting, and the ufe of the maik. The firft 
(No. 13) is the opening fcene in the Andria. On the right, two fervants 
have brought provilions, and on the left appear Simo, the mailer of the 
houfehold, and his freedman, Sof1a, who feems to be entrufled with the 
charge of his domeilic affairs. Simo tells his fervants to go away with 
the provifions, while he beckons Sofm to confer with him in private  
Si. V08 Mm: intra aufirte ; abite. Sqfia, 
Adzfdum ; pauris te -vulo. SQ, Difium para 
Nempe ut rurentur rcHe lute. Si. [ma aliud. 
Tereut. And;-.4 
 Acme i. 
Scena 1. 


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