Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the ordinary publications of a firnilar charaeter. It was the moment of 
negotiations for Lord Bute's unpopular peace, and I-Iogarth's fatire is 
direfted agaiuft the foreign policy of the great ex-miniiter Pitt. It 
reprefents "Europe inxa Rate of general conflagration, and the flames 
already communicating to Great Britain. While Pitt is blowing the fire, 
Bute, with a party of foldiers and failors zealoufiy aflifted by his favourite 
Scotchmen, is labouring to extinguilh it. In this he is impeded by the 
interference of the duke of Newcaitle, who brings a wheelbarrow full of 
Jbloniton and North Britons, the violent oppoiition journals, to feed the 
flames. The advocacy of Bute's mercenaries, whether literary or artiilic, 
did little fervice to the government, for they only provoked increafed 
activity among its opponents. H0garth's caricature of " The Times," 
drew feveral anfwers, one of the bell of which was a large print entitled 
" The Raree Show: a political contrait to the print of ' The Times,' by 
William Hogarth." It is the houfe of John Bull which is here on fire, 
and the Scots are dancing and exulting at it. In the centre of the picture 
appears a great a6tors' barn, from an upper Window of which Fox thruils 
out his head and points to the fign, repreienting 1Eneas and Dido 


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