Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

the caricatures with the head and tail of the animal reprefented by his 
name rather tlrongly developed ; while Bute was drawn, as a very bad pun 
upon his name, in the garb of a Scotchman, wearing two large boots, or 
fometimes a tingle boot of [till greater magnitude. In thefe caricatures Bute 
and Fox are generally coupled together. Thus, a little before the refigna- 
tion of the duke of Newcaltle in I762, there appeared a caricature entitled 
" The State Nurfery," in which the various members of the miniltry, as it 
was then formed under Lord Bute's inhuence, are reprefented as engaged 
in childilh games. Fox, as the whipper-in of parliamentary majorities, is 
riding, armed with his whip, on Bute's lhoulders (fee our cut No. 200), 
while the duke of N ewcalile performs the more menial fervice of rocking 
the cradle. In the rhymes which accompany this caricature, the Grit of thefe 
groups is defcribed as follows (Fox was commonly fpoken of in fatire by 
the title of Volpone)- 
Fir]! yau fee oldjlj V01;-one-y, 
Riding on tile [boulders brwwny 
Of Ill: mucklefmuaurite Snwny; 
Doodle, doodle, duo. 
The number of caricatures publifhed at this period was very great, 
and they were almoft all aimed in one direction, againlt Bute and Fox, 
the Princefs of Wales, and the government they directed. Caricature, 
at this time, ran into the leafi difguifed licence, and the coarfeit allufions 
were made to the fuppofed fecret intercourfe between the minifter and 
the Princefs of Wales, of which perhaps the mott harmlefs was the addi- 
tion of a petticoat to the boot, as a fymbol of the influence under which 
the country was governed. In mock procetlions and ceremonies a 
Scotchman was generally introduced carrying the [tandard of the boot 
and petticoat. Lord Bute, frightened at the amount of odium which 
was thus heaped upon him, fought to Item the torrent by employing 
fatirills to defend the government, and it is hardly nece{Tary to Hate that 
among thefe mercenary auxiliaries was the great Hogarth himfelf, who 
accepted a penfion, and publithed his caricature entitled, " The Times, 
Nov. 1," in the month of September, I762. Hogarth did not excel in 
political caricature, and there was little in this print to diftinguiih it above 


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