Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
to the artificial height of the body. It may be remarked that the mall; 
feems generally to have been made to cover the whole head, reprefenting 
the hair as well as the face, fo that the charafter of age or complexion 
might be given complete. Among the Romans the {tilts were certainly 
not in general ufe, but Pcill the maik, bBllCl6S its comic or tragic characfter, 
is fuppofed to have ferved ufeful purpofes. The Hrflt improvement upon 
its original Ilruclure is faid to have been the making it of brafs, or fome 
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1Y0. 13. A Scene from Tcnme. 
other fonorous metal,0r at leaf: lining the mouth with it,fo as to reverberate, 
and give force to the voice, and alfo to the mouth of the malk fomething of 
the character ofa fpeaking-trumpet." All thefe acceffories could not fail to 
detratit much from the eiTe6t of the acting, which mutt in general have 
been very meafured and formal, and have received moft of its importance 
from the excellence of the poetry, and the declarnatory talents of the 
afztors. We have pieitures in which fcenes from the Roman Itage are 
 It is said to have received its Latin name from this circumstance, per_fvm1, I 
perfvnando. See Aulus Gellius, Noct Alt-, lib. v- c- 7- 


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