Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
twelve fangs for all this money." The lady replies, with an air of con- 
tempt, "WVell, and enough too, for the paltry triile." The idol, in return 
for all this homage, Iings rather c0ntemptu0ufly- 
Ra, ru, ra, rot ye, 
My name is Mzngotti, 
[fyou -worfbip me mam, 
Taufball all go to Patti. 
The clofing years of the reign of George II., under the vigorous 
adminiiiration of the tirii; William Pitt, witneifed a calm in the domeftic 
politics of the country, which prefented a Grange coutrait to the agita- 
tion of the previous period. Faction feemed to have hidden its head, and 
there was comparatively little employment for the caricaturilt. But this 
calm lafted only a Ihort time after that king's death, and the new reign 
was ufhered in by indications of approaching 
political agitation of the moft violent defcrip- 
tion, in which fatiriits W110 had hitherto c0n- X 
tented themfelves with other fubjecis were 
tempted to embark in the ftrife of politics. Y  I 
Among thefe was Hogarth, whofe difcom- )  J; 
forts as a political caricaturilt we {hall have i_,   
to defcribe in our next chapter. '  
Perhaps no name ever provoked a greater S i'_ 4, 
amount of caricature and fatirical abufe than    
that of Lord Bute, who, through the favour X:  
of the Princefs of Wales, ruled fupret-ne at   
court during the firti period of the reign of '  
George III. Bute had taken into the Q  
miniftry, as his confidential colleague, .Fox  
_the Henry Fox who became fubfequently  M 
the firfi: Lord Holland, a man who had en-  ii F 
riched himfelf enormoufly with the money of _-MR3: I- 
the nation, and thefe two appeared to be   
aiming at the eitabliihment ofarbitrary power Na' zoo Fm an Bmh 
in the place of conftitutional government. Fox was ufually reprefented in 


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