Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
 4-28 Hgyiory 
as a " Noddy catching at the bait, while the bird-catcher lets drop an 
axe." This implement of execution is a perfect piclure of a guillotine, 
long before it was fo notoriouily in ufe in France. 
The third example of thefe caricatures which I {hall quote is entitled 
" The Idol," and has for its fubject the extravagancies and perfonal jealou- 
fies connected with the Italian opera. The rivalry between Mingotti and 
Vannefchi was now making as much noife there as that of Cuzzoni and 
Fauitina fome years before. The former aoted arbitrarily and capricioufly, 
and could with difficulty be bound to ting a few times during the Ieafon 
for a high falary : it is faid, .5-52,000 for the feafon. In the caricature to 
which I allude, this lady appears raifed upon a Itool, infcribed ".f2,ooo 
per annum," and is receiving the worihip of her admirers. Immediately 
before her an eccleliaiiic is feen on his knees, exclaiming, " Unto thee be 
praife now and for evermore  In the background a lady appears, hold- 
ing up her pug-dog, then the fafhionable pet, and addreiiing the opera 
favourite, "'Tis only pug and yon I love." Other men are on their 
knees behind the ecclefialiic, all perfons of diltinotion; and lait comes a 
nobleman and his lady, the former holding in his hand an order for 
52,000, his fubfcription to the opera, and remarking, "XVe {hall have but 


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