Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
(our cut No. 197), entitled, "England made odious, or the French 
Drelfers," the minitier, Newcaftle, in the garb of a woman, and his 
colleague, Fox, have dre{Ted Britannia in a new French robe, which does 
not fit her. She exclaims, "Let me have my own cloathes. I cannot 
{fir my arms in thefe; befidcs, everybody laughs at me." Newcafcle 
replies, rather imperioufly, " Hufiy, be quiet, you have no need to ftir 
your arms--why, fure! what's here to do?" Wliile Fox, in a more 
inlinuating tone, offers her a Heur-de-lis, and fays, " Here, madam, {lick 
Caught by a Bait, 
this in your bofom, next your heart." The two pieiures which adorn the 
walls of the room reprefent an axe and a halter; and underneath we read 
the lines,- 
And [ball tlzefubfitrztes qfpoqver 
Our geniu: rlzu: brdeck ? 
Let tlzem remember Mere": an lzour 
Of quitrance-tlzsn, "ware nuck. 
In another print of this feries, this lall idea is illultrated more fully. It 
is aimed at the minilters, who were believed to be enriching themfelves 
at the expenfe of the nation, and is entitled, " The Devil turned Bird- 
catcher." On one fide, while Fox is greedily fcrambling for the gold, 
the fiend has caught him in a halter Fufpended to the gallows; on the 
other lide another demon is letting down the fatal axe on Newcaltle, 
who is limilarly employed. The latter (fee our cut No. 198) is delbribed


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