Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hylory Qf Caricature and 
1755, and the rninilterial intrigues of the two following years. The war, 
accepted by the Englilh government reluctantly, and ill prepared for, was 
the fubject of much difcontent, although at firfiz hopes were given of great 
fuccefs. One of the caricatures, publilhed in the middle of thefe early 
hopes, at a_ time when an Englilh fleet lay before Louifbourg, in Canada, 
is entitled, " Britifh Refentment, or the French fairly coop'd at L0uif- 
bourg," and came from the pencil of the French artilt Boitarcl. One of 
its groups, reprefenting the courageous Englilh failor and the defpairing 
Frenchman, is given in our cut No. I96, and may ferve as an example 
of Boitard's Ityle of drawing. It became now the falhion to print 
political caricatures, in a diminithed form, on cards, and feventy-live oi 
thefe were formed into a fmall volume, under the title of "A Political 
and Satirical Hillary of the years 1756 and 1757. In a feries of feventy- 
1  var 
1 a!")xXY. K   'l W 
s,  I   fl   
Britannia in a N:-w Dnj. 
five humorous and entertaining Prints, containing all the rnofc reniarlzztble 
Tranfafftions, Charaeters, and Caricaturas of thofe two memorable 
years.   . London: printed for E. Morris, near St. Paul's." The im- 
prints of the plates, which bear the dates of their feveral publications, 
inform us that they came from the well-known {hop of "Darly and 
Edwards, at the Acorn, facing Hungerford, Strand." Thefe caricatures 
begin with our foreign relations, and exprefs the belief that the minifters 
were facrificing Englifh intereiis to French influence. In one of them 


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