Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
entitled, " A Confequence of the Motion  Which was followed the day 
after its publication by another caricature upon the oppofition, entitled, 
"The Political Libertines; or, Motion upon Motion;" while the oppo- 
nents of the government allb brought out a caricature, entitled, " The 
Grounds," a violent and rather grofs attack upon the Whigs. Among 
other caricatures publifhed on this occafion, one of the beft was entitled, 
" The Funeral of Faction," and bears the date of March 26, I741. 
Beneath it are the Words, "Funerals performed by Squire  allud- 
ing to Sandys, who was the motion-maker in the Houfe of Commons, 
and who thus brought on his party a fignal defeat. Among the chief 
mourners on this occafion are feen the oppolition journals, The Craftsman, 
the creation of Bolingbroke and Pulteney, the filll more fcurrilous 
xx -x  an  enr- 
Xxx  rm 
, [Mb 
Champion, The Daily Pqfi, The London and Evuning Pqfl, and The Common 
Sen]? Journal. This mournful group is reproduced in our cut N0. 195. 
From this time there was no falling 03' in the fupply of caricatures, 
which, on the contrary, feerned to increafe every year, until the aftivity 
of the pidiiorial fatirifis was roufed anew by the hoiiilities with France in 


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