Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
no means eafy to underfland or appreciate them. Towards the year 
1739, there was a marked improvement in the political caricatures-they 
were better deiigned, and difplayed more talent, but {till they required 
rather long deicriptions to render them intelligible. One of the moft 
celebrated was produced by the motion in the Houfe of Commons, 
Feb. I3, 174.1, againil the minifcer Walpole. It was entitled "The 
Motion," and was a Whig fatire upon the oppofition, who are reprefented 
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as driving fo hurriedly and inconnderately to obtain places, that they are 
overthrown before they reach their objeit. The party of the oppofition 
retaliated by a counter-caricature, entitled, " The Reafon," which was in 
fome refpe6ts a parody upon the other, to which it was inferior in point 
and fpirit. At the fame time appeared another caricature againft the 
minifcry, under the title of " The Motive." Thefe provoked another, 


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