Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and 
latter part of the half-century, were MacArdell-whofe print of " The 
Park Shower," reprefenting the confution raifed among the fafhionable 
company in the Mall in St. James's Park by a fudden fall of rain, is fo 
well known-and Darley. Paul Sandby, who was patronifed by the duke 
of Cumberland, executed caricatures upon Hogarth. Many of thefe artiits 
of the earlier period of the Englifh fchool of caricature appear to have 
been very ill paid-the firfl of the family of Bowles is faid to have boaited 
that he bought many of the plates for little more than their value as 
metal. The growing tafte for caricature had alfo brought forward a 
number of amateurs, among whom were the countefs of Burlington, and 
general, afterwards marquis, Townfhend. The former, who was the lady 
of that earl who built Burlington Houfe, in Piccadilly, was the leader of 
one of the factions in the opera difputes at the clofe of the reign of 
George I., and is underttood to have defigned the Well-known caricature 
upon Cuzzoni, Farinelli, and Heidegger, which was etched by Goupy, 
whom [he patronifed. It mutt not be forgotten that Bunbury hlmfelf, as 
well as Sayers, were amateurs; and among other amateurs I may name 
captain Minfhull, captain Baillie, and John Nixon. The tirlt of thefe 
publifhed caricatures againft the Macaronis (as the dandies of the earlier 
part of the reign of George III. were called), one of which, entitled "The 
Macaroni Drefiing-Room," was efpecially popular. 
Englilh political caricature came into its full activity with the miniilry 
of fir Robert WValpole, which, beginning in I721, lafied through the long 
period of twenty years. In the previous period the Whigs were accufed 
of having invented caricature, but now the Tories certainly took the 
utmott advantage of the invention, for, during feveral years, the greater 
number of the caricatures which were publifhed were aimed againtt the 
Whig miniflry. -It is alfo a rather remarkable cliaracteriflic of fociety at 
this period, that the ladies took fo great an intereft in politics, that the 
caricatures were largely introduced upon fans, as well as upon other 
objects of an equally perfonal character. Moreover, the popular notion of 
what conitituted a caricature Was {till fo little fixed, that they were ufually 
called hieroglyphics, a term, indeed, which was not ill applied, for they 
were fo elaborate, and fo filled with myftical allutions, that now it is by


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