Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
friars, for the anti-Catholic feeling was ftrong in the laft century.  
J. Brotherton, at No. 132, New Bond Street, publilhed many of Bun- 
bury's caricatures; while the houfe of Laurie and Whittle gave employ-  
ment efpecially to the Cruikfhanks. But perhaps the rnoft extenfive  
publiiher of caricatures of them all was S. W. Fores, who dwelt tirlt at  
No. 3, Piccadilly, but afterwards ellablifhed himfelf at N0. 50, the corner  
of Sackville Street, where the name {till remains. Fores feems to have  
been moft fertile in ingenious expedients for the extenfiou of his bufineis.  
He formed a fort of library of caricatures and other prints, and charged  
for admiflion to look at them; and he afterwards adopted a iyttem of  
lending them out in portfolios for evening parties, at which thefe port-  
folios of caricatures became a very fafhionable amufement in the latter  
part of the laft century. At times, fome remarkable curiotity was em- 
ployed to add to the attractions of his ihop. Thus, on caricatures pub- 
lithed in I790, we find the Itatement that, " In Fores' Caricature Mufeum 
is the completett collection in the kingdom. Alfo the head and hand of 
Count Struenxee. Admittance, Is." Caricatures againft the French 
revolutionilts, publithed in I793, bear imprints Itating that they were 
"publithed by S. W. Fores, No. 3, Piccadilly, where may be feen a 
complete Model qf the Guillotine-admittance, one Ihilling." In fome 
this model is faid to be fix feet high. 
Among the artitis employed by the print-publilhers of the age of 
George II., we ftill find a certain number of foreigners. Coypel, who 
caricatured the opera in the days of Farinelli, and pirated Hogarth, 
belonged to a dittinguifhed family of French painters. Goupy, who alfo 
caricatured the artifies of the opera (in I727), and Boitard, who worked 
actively for Carington Bowles from 1750 to 1770, were alfo Frenchmen. 
Liotard, another caricaturitt of the time of George II., was a native of 
Geneva, The names of two others, Vandergucht and Vanderbank, pm- 
claim them Dutchmen. Among the Englilh caricaturifls who worked 
for the houfe of Bowles, were George Bickham, the brother of the print- 
feller, John Collet, and Robert Dighton, with others of lefs repute.  
R. Attwold, who publiihed caricatures againft admiral Byng in 1750, was  
an imitator of Hogarth. Among the more obfcure caricaturifts of the 


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