Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
It was in this bubble agitation that the Englifh fchool ofcaricature began, 
and a few fpecimens are preferved, though others which are advertifed in 
the newfpapers of that day, feem to be entirely loft. In fact, a very 
confiderable portion of the caricature literature of a period fo compara- 
tively recent as the firft half of the laft century, appears to have perifhed; 
for the intereit of thefe prints was in general fo entirely temporary that 
few people took any care to preferve them, and few of them were very 
attraitive as pietnres. As yet, indeed, thefe Englifh prints are but poor 
imitations of the works of Picart and other continental artitts. A pair of 
Englifh prints, entitled " The Bubbler's Mirrour," reprefents, one a head 
joyful at the rife in the value of flock, the other, a flmilar head forrowful 
at its fall, furrounded in each cafe with lifts of companies and epigrams 
upon them. They are engraved in mezzotinto, a Ilyle of art fuppofed to 
have been invented in England-its invention was afcribed to Prince 
Rupert-and at this time very popular. In the imprint of thefe latt- 
mentioned plates, we are informed that they were " Printed for Carington 
Bowles, next y' Chapter Houfe, in St. Paul's Ch. Yard, London," a well- 
known name in former years, and even now one quite familiar to col- 
leftors, of this clafs of prints, efpecially. Of Carington Bowles we {hall 
have more to fay in the next chapter. With him begins the long lift of 
celebrated Englilh printfellers.


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