Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
thare-market. One or two curious initances of this deception might be 
pointed out. Thus, an old pi6ture, evidently intended to reprefent the 
meeting of a king and a nobleman, in the court of a palace, furrounded 
by a crowd of courtiers, in the coitume probably of the time of Henri IV., 
was republilhed as a piiture of people crowding to the grand fcene of 
{took-jobbing in Paris, the Rue Quinquenpoix; and the old pioture of the 
battle between Carnival and Lent came out again, a little re-touched, 
under the Dutch title, " Stryd tufzen de fmullende Bubbel-Heeren en de 
aanftaande Armoede,"  " The battle between the good-living bubble- 
lords and approaching poverty." 
Befides being iffued lingly, a confiderable number of thefe prints were 
collerited and publifhed in a volume, which is {till met with not unfre- 
quently, under the title " Het groote Tafereel der Dwaalheid," "The 
great pi5ture of folly." One of this fet of prints reprefents a multitude 
of perfons, of all ages and fexes, a6ting the part of Atlas in fupporting on 
their backs globes, which, though made only of paper, had become, 
through the agitation of the {lock exchange, heavier than gold. Law 
himfelf (fee our cut No. 192) {lands foremoit, and requires the afiillance 
of Hercules to fupport his enormous burthen. In the French verfes 
accompanying this print, the writer fays- 
Ami Atlas, on wit (fans comer -uou: st moi) 
Faire 1'Arlas parmut dz: di-uzrs perjbnnages, 
Rirlze, pawvre, l10mmE,_fZ'mme, etfot er quqfiffage, 
Valet, er paffan, le gueux_f'elewe an roi. 
Another of thefe caricatures reprefents Law in the charaeter of Don 
Quixote, riding upon Sancho's donkey. He is haiiening to his Dulcinia, 
who waits for him in the afiie huis (aetion or {hare-houfe), towards which 
people are dragging the animal on which he is seated. The devil (fee 
our cut No. I93), fits behind Law, and -holds up the afs's tail, while a 
ihower of paper, in the form of {hares in companies, is fcattered around, 
and fcrambled for by the eager a6?ionnai1-es. In front, the animal is 
laden with the money into which this paper has been turned,-the box 
bears the infcription, " Boml-arioos Geldkgifi, I720," " Bornbaz-io's (Law's) 
gold chef: ; " and the fiag bears the infcription, " Ik koom, ik koom, Dul- 
3 H cinia


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