Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf C aricatzzre 
into France by the Scottilh adventurer, Law, and imitated in England in 
the great South Sea Bubble. It would be impofhble here, within our 
neceffary limits, to attempt to trace the hiftory of thefe bubbles, which all 
burft in the courfe of the year 1720; and, in faet, it is a hiflory of which 
few are ignorant. On this, as on former occafions, the great male of the 
caricatures, efpecially thofe againft the Mifiiflippi fcheme, were execnted 
in Holland, but they are much inferior to the works of Romain de Hooghe. 
In fail, ['0 great was the demand for thefe caricatures, that the publifhers, 
in their eagernefs for gain, not only deluged the world with plates by 
artifls of no talent, which were without point or interefl, but they took old 
plates of any fubjeet in which there was a multitude of Hgures, put new 
titles to them, and publifhecl them as fatires on the Milhiflppi icheme; 
for people were ready to take anything which reprefented a crowd 
as a fatire on the eageruefs with which Frenchmen rufhecl into the 


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