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A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art
Wright, Thomas Fairholt, Frederick William
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qf Caricature 
N0. 190. We are told that "thefe figures reprefent a French trumpet 
and drum, fent by Louis le Grand to enquire news of feveral citys loft by 
the Mighty Monarch laii campaign." The trumpeter holds in his hand 
a litt of 1011 towns, and another is pinned to the breafi of the drummer; 
No. 189. 
the former lift is headed by the names of " Gaunt, Bruifels, Antwerp, 
Bruges," the latter by " Barcelona." 
The firit remarkable outburft of caricatures in England was caufed 
by the proceedings againft the notorious Dr. Sacheverell in 1710. It 
is fomewhat curious that Sacheverell's partifiins fpeak of caricatures 
as things brought recently from Holland, and new in England, and 
afcribe the ufe of them as peculiar to the Whig party. The writer of a 
pamphlet, entitled "The Picture of Malice, or a true Account of Dr. 
Sacheverell's Enemies, and their behaviour with regard to him," informs 
us that "the chief means by which all the lower order of that fort of 
men call'd Vvliigs, [hall ever be found to act for the ruin of a potent 
adverfary, are the following three-by the Print, the Canto or Doggrell 
Poem, and by the Libell, grave, calm, and cool, as the author of the 
'True Anfwer' defcribes it. Thefe are not all employed at the fame 


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