Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
lifhed immediately after the accellion of WVilliam IIl., under the title, 
" England's Memorial of its wonderful deliverance from French Tyranny 
and Popifh Oppreliion." The middle of the picture is occupied by "the 
royal orange tree," which flourifhes in fpite of all the attempts to deftroy 
it. At the upper corner, on the left tide, is a reprefentation of the French 
king's "council," confifting of an equal number of Jcfuits and devils, 
feated alternately at a round table. 
The circurnftance that the titles and infcriptions of nearly all thefe 
caricatures are in Dutch, feems to thow that their influence was intended 
to be exercifed in Holland rather than elfewhere. In two or three only 
of them thefe defcriptions were accompanied with tranflations in Engliili 
or French ; and after a time, copies of them began to be made in England, 
accompanied with Englilh defcriptions. A curious example of this is 
given in the fourth volume of the " Poems on State Affairs," printed 111 
1707. In the preface to this volume the editor takes occafion to inform 
the reader-" That having procur'd from beyond fea a Collection of 
Satyrical Prints done in Holland and elfewhere, by Rom. cle Hoog, and 
other the belt matters, relating to the French King and his Adherents, 
fince he unjuttly begun this war, I have perfuaded the Bookfeller to be at 
the expenfe of ingraving feveral of them; to each of which I have given 
the Explanation in Engliih verfe, they being in Dutch, French, or Latin 
in the originals." Copies of feven of thefe caricatures are accordingly 
given at the end of the volume, which are certainly inferior in every 
refped to thofe of the heft period of Romain de Hooghe. One of them 
commemorates the eclipfe of the fun on the Izth of May, 1706. The 
fun, as it might be conjectured, is Louis XIV., eclipfed by queen Anne, 
whofe face occupies the place of the moon. In the foreground of the 
picture, jutt under the eclipfe, the queen is feared on her throne under a 
canopy, furrounded by her couufellors and generals. VVith her left arm 
the holds down the Gallic cock, while with the other hand {he clips one 
of its wings (fee our cut No. I89). In the upper corner on the right, is 
iuferted a picture of the battle of Ramillies, and in the lower Comer on 
the left, a fea-fight under admiral Leake, both victories gained in that 
year. Another of thefe copies of foreign prints is given in our cut 
No. 190


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