Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
humour. Mofi of the other caricatures of the time are poor both in 
delign and execution. Such is the cafe with a vulgar fatirical print 
which was publithed in France in the autumn of x690, on the arrival of 
a falle rumour that king William had been killed in Ireland. In the 
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No, :38. Qfto Ireland. 
field of the picture the corpfe of the king is followed by a proceflion con- 
{itling of his queen and the principal fupporters of his caufe. The lower 
corner on the left hand is occupied by a view of the interior of the 
infernal regions, and king William introduced in the place allotted to him 
among the flames. In different parts of the picture there are feveral infcrip- 
tions, all breathing a fpirit of very infolent exultation. One of them is 
Billct d'Enterremer1t. 
Vous cstes priez d'assister au convoy, service, et enterrcment du trcs haut, tres 
grand, et tres infame Prince infernal, grand stndouter, des Armes diaboliques de la 
ligue d'Ausbou1'g, et insigne usurpateur des Royaumcs d'Angleterre, d'Ecc0sse, 
et d'Irlande, decede dam l'Irlande an mois d'Aoust 1690, qm se fera le (lit mois,dans 
sa paroisse infernale, ou assistcront Dame Proserpine, Rndamonte, et les Ligueurs. 
Les Dames lni diront s'il leur plaist dcs injures. 
The prints executed in England at this time were, if poilible, worfe 
than thofe publifhed in France. Almoft the only contemporary caricature 
on the downfall of the Stuarts that I know, is an ill-executed print, imb- 


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