Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Perkin, i.e. little Peter, which was the name given afterwards to the 
Pretender in fangs and fatires at the time of his rebellion; and in the 
prints a windmill was ufually given to the child as a fign of its father's 
trade. In the group reprefented in our cut, father Petre, with the child 
in his arms, is feated on a rather Hngular fteed, a lobiter. The young 
;'ll1m,.M 1' 
VI we A 
 s,     Ag!  X 
M. I87. A jgfuit quell Muunzu;l_ 
prince here carries the windmill on his head. On the lob[ter's back, 
behind the Jefuit, are carried the papal crown, furmounted by a Heur-de- 
lis, with a bundle of relics, indulgences, 8zc., and it has feized in one claw 
the Englilh church fervice book, and in the other the book of the laws of 
England. In the Dutch deibription of this print, the child is called " the 
new born Antichrill." Another of Romain de H00ghe.'s prints, entitled 
" Panurge feconde par Arlequin Deodaat it la croifade d'Irlande, 1689," 
is a fatire on king Jarnes's expedition to Ireland, which led to the memo- 
rable battle of the Boyne. James and his friends are proceeding to the 
place of embarkation, and, as reprefented in our cut N0. 188, father 
Petre marches in front, carrying the infant prince in his arms. 
The drawing of Romain de Hooghe is not always correct, efpecially 
in his larger fubjects, which perhaps may be afcribed to his hafcy and 
carelefs manner of working; but he difplays great lkill in grouping his 
tigures, and great power in inveiting them with a large amount of fatirical 
3 G humour.


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