Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
under the protefiion of the king of France. The very year of king 
James's acceilion, in I685, the caricature appeared which We have copied 
in our cut No. I86, and which, although the infcription is in Englifh, 
appears to have been the work of a foreign artifc. It was probably 
intended to reprefent Mary of Modena, the queen of James II., and her 
0 ji 
;  X 15?;  
A,-5 42  imp,  
_  X; W1, A  
JV  _MmII  
No. 1_8b. A Dangzroux Con_fEjBr. 
rather famous confellbr, father Petre, the latter under the charaoter of the 
Wolf among the fheep. Its aim is fufficiently evident to need no expla- 
nation. At the top, in the original, are the Latin words, Converts 
Angliam, "convert England," and beneath, in Englifh, "It is a foolilh 
{heep that makes the Wolf her confeifor." 
The period during which the Dutch fchool of caricature ilourifhed, 
extended through the reign of Louis XIV., and into the regency in 
France, and two great events, the revolution of 1688 in England, and the 
wild money fpeculations of the year 1720, exercifed efpecially the pencils 


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