Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
It is evident that a drama of this inqnifitorial character is a dangerous 
thing, and that it could hardly be allowed to exiit where the rights of 
fociety are properly defined; and we are not furprlfed if Foote provoked 
a hoft of bitter enemies. But in fome cafes the author met with punifh- 
ment of a heavier and more fubflantial defcription. One of the individuals 
introduced into " The Maid of Bath," extorted damages to the amount 
of 53,000. One of the perfons who figured in " The Author," obtained 
an order from the lord chamberlain for putting a flop to the performance 
after it had had a fhort run; and the confequences of " The Trip to 
Calais," were ftill more difaftrous. It is well known that the character of 
lady Kitty Crocodile in that play was a broad caricature on the notorious 
duchefs of Kingfton. Through the treachery of fome of the people 
employed by Foote, the duchefs obtained information of the nature of 
this play before it was ready for reprefentation, and {he had fuflicient 
influence to obtain the lord chamberlain's prohibition for bringing it on 
the ftage. Nor was this all, for as the play was printed, if not aited,-and 
it was fubfequently brought out in a modified form, with ornifiion of the 
part of lady Kitty Crocodile, though the charaoters of fome of her agents 
were {till retained,-infamous charges were got up againft Foote, in 
retaliation, which caufed him fo much trouble and grief, that they are 
faid to have fhortened his days. 
The drama which Samuel Foote had invented did not outlive him; 
its caricature was itfelf transferred to the caricature of the print-fhop.


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