Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
by fir Edward Belfond, fir William's brother, "a merchant, who by 
lucky hits had gotten a great eftate, lives tingle with eafe and pleafure, 
reafonably and virtuoufly, a man of great humanity and gentlenefs and 
cornpallion towards mankind, Well read in good books, poifeffed with all 
gentlemanlike qualities." Sir William Belfond has two fons. Belfond 
fenior, the eldeft, is " bred after his father's ruliic, fwinilh manner, with 
great rigour and feverity, upon whom his father's eftate 1S entailed, the 
confidence of which makes him break out into open rebellion to his 
father, and become lewd, abominably vicious, Itubborn, and obltinate." 
The younger Belfond, Sir William's fecond fon, had been " adopted by 
Sir Edward, and bred from his childhood by him, with all the tendernels 
and familiarity, and bounty, and liberty that can be," he was "inflruffted 
in all the liberal fciences,'and in all gentleman-like education, fomewhat 
given to women, and now and then to good fellowfhip; but an ingenious, 
well-accomplilhed gentleman; a man of honour, and of excellent difpo- 
iition and temper." Then we have fome of the leading heroes of 
Alfatia, and firfc Cheatly, who is defcribed as "a rafcal, who by reafon of 
debts, dares not Pair out of NVhitefryers, but there iuveigles young heirs 
in tail; and helps 'em to goods and money upon great difadvautages; is 
bound for them, and {hares with them, till he undoes them; a lewd, 
impudent, debauched fellow, very expert in the cant about the town." 
Sharnwell is "coufin to the Belfonds, an heir, who, being ruined by 
Cheatly, is made a decoy-duck for others; not daring to iiay out of 
Alfatia, where he lives; is bound with Cheatly for heirs, and lives upon 
them, a diflblute, debauch'd life." Another of thefe characters is captain 
Hackum, "a block-headed bully of Alfatia; a cowardly, impudent, 
blullering fellow; formerly a fergeant in Flanders, run from his colours, 
retreating into Whitefryers for a very fmall debt; where by the Alfatians 
he is dubb'd a captain ; marries one that lets lodgings, fells cherry-brandy, 
and is a bawd." Nor is Alfatia without a reprefentative of the Puritanical 
part of fociety, in Scrapeall, "a hypocritical, repeating, praying, pfa1m- 
finging, precife fellow, pretending to great piety; a godly knave, who 
joins with Cheatly, and fupplies young heirs with goods and money." A 
rather large number of inferior characters fill up the canvas; and the 


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