Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature and 
War itfelf follows, and the commanders of the two armies, the general 
and the lieutenant-general, appear upon the Rage in another parody upon 
the opening fcenes of Dryden's " Siege of Rhodes  
Enter, at fe-veral doarx, tile GENERAL and LIEUTENANT-GENERAL, 
armed mp-3-pie, wit]: earl: a lute in Iii: band, and lzisjward drawn, and lzung -with 
afcarlet riband at the -luff. 
 thou liest. 
Gen.-Arm, arm, Gonsalvo, arm. What I ho! 
The lie no flesh can hrook, I trow. 
 from Acton with the musqueteers. 
Gen.-Draw down the Chelsea cuirassiers. 
 band you boast of, Chelsea cuirassiers, 
Shall in my Putney pikes now meet their peers. 
Gen.-Chiswickians, aged, and renowned in fight, 
]oin with the Hammersmith brigade. 
 find my Mortlake boys will do them right, 
Unless by Fulham numbers over_laid. 
Gen.-Let the left wing of Twick"n'am toot advance, 
And line that eastern hedge. 
 horse I raised in Petty France 
Shall try their chance, 
And scour the meadows, overgrown with sedge. 
Gen.-Stand : give the word. 
Gm.-That may be thine, 
But 'tis not mine. 
 fire, give Ere, at once give fire, 
And let those reereant troops perceive mine ire. 
Gen.-Pursue, pursue; they Hy, 
That first did give the lie ! [Exami- 
Thus the battle is carried on in talk between two individuals. Bayes 
alleges, as an excufe for introducing thefe trivial names of places, that 
" the fpeotators know all thefe towns, and may eafily conceive them to 
be within the domimons of the two kings of Brentforcl." The battle. is 
(inally [topped by an eclipfe, and three perfonages, reprefenting the fun, 
moon, and earth, advance upon the ilage, and by dint of flnging and 
manoeuvring, one gets in a line between the other two, and this, accord- 
ing to the mast rules of aftronomy, conftituted the eclipfe. The eclipfe is 
followed by another battle ofa more defperate character, to which a [top 


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