Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
All this is quite Ariftophanic. It is interrupted by a difcufiion between 
Bayes and his viiitors on the muiic and the dance, and then the two kings 
znd Eng.-Now mortals, that hear 
How we tilt and career; 
With wonder, will fear 
The event of such things as shall never appear. 
1]! King.-Stay you to fulfil what the gods have decreed. 
2nd King.-Then cull me to help you, if there shall be need. 
xp King.-So firmly resolved is a true Brentford king, 
To save the distressed, and help to 'em bring, 
That, ere a Full pot of good ale you can swallow, 
He's here with a whoop, and gone with a halloo. 
The rather too inquifitive Smith wonders at all this, and complains that, 
to him, the fenfe of this is " not very plain." " Plain!" exclaims Bayes, 
"why, did you ever hear any people in the clouds {peak plain "P They 
mull be all for flight of fancy, at its full range, without the leail check or 
control upon it. When once you tie up fprites and people in clouds to 
fpeak plain, you fpoil all." The two kings of Brentford now "light out 
of the clouds, and Hep into the throne," continuing the fame dignified 
lf King- 
Znd Eng,- 
-Come, now to serious council we'll advance. 
-I do agree; but first, let's have a dance. 
This confidence of the two kings of Brentford is fuddenly dilturbed by 
the found of war. Two heralds announce that the army, that of Knightfl 
bridge, had come to protect them, and that it had come in clgT[gug'fe, an 
arrangement which puzzles the author's two vifitors  
Iji King.-What saucy groom molests our privacies? 
112 Herald,-The army's at the door, and, in disguise, 
Desirew a word with both your majesties. 
znd Herald.-Having from Knightsbridge hither march'd by stealth. 
ind King.-Bid 'em attend a while, and drink our health. 
Smith.-How, Mr. Bayes? The army in disguise! 
Bayes.-Ay, sir, for fear the usurpers might discover thcm, that went 
out butjust now. 


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