Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Ififary qf Caricature and 
funeral, a parody upon colonel Henry Howard's play of the "United 
Kingdoms." Pallas interferes, brings the lady who is to be buried to life, 
gets up a dance, and furniihes a very extempore feail. The princes 
Prettyman and Volicius difpute about their fweethearts. At the com- 
mencement of the Hfth a6t the two ufurping kings appear in llate, 
attended by four cardinals, the two princes, all the lady-loves, heralds, and 
fergeants-at-arms, 8:0. In the middle of all this Rate, " the two right kings 
of Brentford defcend in the clouds, finging, in white garments, and three 
iiddlers fitting before them in green." " Now," fays Bayes to his friends, 
" becaufe the two right kings defcend from above, I make 'em Eng to the 
tune and ilyle of our modern fpirits." And accordingly they proceeded 
in a continuous parody  
1]) King.-Haste, brother king, we are sent from above. 
znd King.-Let us move, let us move ; 
Move, to remove the fate 
OF Brentford's long united state. 
rji King.-Tara, tan, tara !-full east and by south. 
znd King.-We sail with thunder in our mouth. 
In scorching noon-day, whilst the traveller stays, 
Busy, busy, busy, busy, we bustle along, 
Mounted upon warm Phoebus's rays, 
Through the heavenly throng, 
I-lasting to those 
Who will feast us at night with a pig's pettytoes. 
1]? King.--And we'll tall with our plate 
In an olio ofhate 
Md King -But, now supper's done, the servitors try, 
Like soldiers, to storm a whole half-moon pic. 
1]) King -They gather, they gather, hot custards in spoons: 
But, alas ! I must leave these half-moons, 
And repair to my trusty tlragoons. 
and King.-O stay ! for you need not as yet go astray; 
The tide, like a friend, has brought ships in our way, 
And on their high ropes we will play ; 
Like maggots in filberts, we'll snug in our shell, 
We'll frisk in our shell, 
We'll Firk in our shell, 
And farewell. 
I]? King.-But the ladies have all inclination to dance, 
And the green frogs croak out a coranto of France.


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