Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
when you are furprifed; 'tis a new way of writing." Now we have 
another parody upon one of Dryden's fimiles. In the fourth fcene, the 
Gentleman-Ufher and Phyfician appear again, difcufiing the queftion 
Whether their whifpers had been heard or not, a difcuiiion which they 
conclude by feizing on the two thrones, and occupying them with their 
drawn [words in their hands. Then they march out to raiie their forces, 
and a battle to muiic takes place, four foldiers on each Iide, who are 
all killed. Next we have a fcene between prince Prettyman and his 
tailor, Tom Thimble, which involves a joke upon the princely principle 
of non-payment. A fcene or two follows in a timilar tone, without at all 
advancing the plot; although it appears that another prince, Volfcius, 
who, we are to fuppofe, iilpports the old dynafty of Brentford, has made 
his efcape to Piccadilly, while the army which he is to lead has aifembled, 
and is concealed, at Knightibridge. This incident produces a difcuilion 
between Mr. Bayes and his friends  
Sniirlz.-But pray, Mr. Bayes, is not this a little diH'icult, that you were 
saying e'en now, to keep an army thus concealed in Knights- 
bridge ? 
jalmfan.-N0, not it  be his friends)? 
Bqves.-His friends? Ay, sir, his intimate acquaintance; or else, 
indeed, I grant it could not be. 
Smizlz.--Yes, faith, so it might be very easy. 
Bayes.-Nay, if I don't make all things Easy, 'egad, I'll give "em leave 
to hang me. Now you would think that he is going out of town ; 
but you will see how prettily I have contrived to stop him, 
Accordingly, prince Volfcius yields to the influence of a fair de1n0g'ji1lZe, 
who bears the clailical name of Parthenope, and after various exhibitions 
of hefitation, he does not leave town. Another fcene or two, with little 
meaning, but full of clever parodies on the plays of Dryden, the Howards, 
and their contemporaries. The firilz fcene of the fourth ait opens with a 
entrance to London from 
5" Knightsbridge, as the 
the west, was full


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