Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Qf Caricature 
It is decided that the Emile {hould be added to the prologue, for, as 
Johnfon remarks to Bayes, " Faith, 'tis extraordinary fine, and very applic- 
able to Thunder and Lightning, methinks, becaufe it {peaks of a Pcorm." 
In the fecond ail We come to the opening of the play, the 61-11 fcene 
Confiiting of WhiQ)ering, in ridicule of a fcene in Davenanfs " Play-houfe 
to Let," where Drake fenior fays- 
Draw up your men, 
And in la-w -wlzzjjoers give your order: out. 
In fa6t, the Gentleman-Uiher and the Phyfician of the two kings of 
Brentford appear upon the fcene alone, and difcufs a plot to dethrone the 
two kings of Brentford, which they communicate by whifpers into each 
other's ears, which are totally inaudible. In Scene ii., " Enter the two 
kings, hand in hand," and Bayes remarks to his vifitors, " Oh ! thefe are 
now the two kings of Brentford; take notice of their ftyle--'twas never yet 
upon the ilage; but, if you like it, I could make a fhift, perhaps, to {how 
you a whole play, writ all juit fo." The kings begin, rather familiarly, 
becaufe, as Bayes adds, " they are both perfons of the fame quality z"- 
1]? King.- 
znd King,- 
Ifi Kir1g_- 
znd King,- 
lfi King,- 
znd King.- 
-Did you observe their whispers, brother king? 
-I did, and heard, besides, a grave bird sing, 
That they intend, sweetheart, to play us pranks. 
-If that design appears, 
I'll lay them by the ears, 
Until I make "em crack. 
-And so will I, i' lack! 
-You must begin, mnnfizi. 
-Sweet sir, pardenmzz moi. 
Bayes obferves that he makes the two kings talk French in order " to 
thow their breeding." In the third a6t, Bayes introduces a new 
character, prince Prettyman, a parody upon the character of Leonidas, in 
Dryden's " Marriage-a-la-Mode." The prince falls afleep, and then his 
beloved Cloris comes in, and is furprifed, upon which Bayes remarks, 
" Now, here the mutt make a firnile." " Where-"s the necefiity of that, 
Mr. Bayes? " afks the critical Mr. Smith. " Oh," replies Bayes, " becaufe 
(he's furprifed. That's a general rule. You muft ever make a {imile 
w 1) en


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