Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

in Literature and Art. 
Thus they hurried on, the child holding 
dragging after with " unequal {ieps,"- 
right hand, and 
by his father's 
dextra fa parvus Iulu: 
Implicuitfeguiturque patrem non jmjfbux dquis,-Virg. 2En., lib. ii. 1. 723. 
And thus H-Eneas bore away both father and fon, and the penates, or 
houfehold gods, of his family, which were to be transferred to another 
country, and become the future guardians of Rome- 
Afmnium, Amrbffemgue patrsm, Tencrofque pennies.--Ib., I. 747. 
In this cafe we know that the defign is intended to be a parody, 
burlefque, upon a pifture which appears to have been celebrated 
5 lllnvmn;-1" 
1  '69 
 x 7    
 m Fm" 
 F K- 
No. 12. The Flight 9' 1Eneas_ 
at the time, and of which at leaf: two difTerent copies are found upon 
ancient intaglios. It is the only cafe I know in which both the original 


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