Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

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0 a {ca e 
Teague has overheard the two colonels {late that they fhould be obliged 
to take the Covenant, and exprels their relutitance to do it, and in his 
inconfiderate zeal, he hurries away to try if he cannot take the covenant 
for them, and thus fave them a difagreeable operation. In the Greet he 
meets a wandering bookfeller-:1 claiz of pedlars who were then common- 
and a fcene takes plaice which is belt given in the words of the Original  
Baakfeller.--New books, new books! A Desperate Plot and Engage- 
ment of the Bloody Cavaliers! Mr. Saltmarshe's Alarum to 
the Nation, after having been three days dead! Mercurius 
Teaguz.-How's that? They cannot live in Ireland after they are 
dead three days ! 
Bank.-Merctiritls Britannicus, or the Weekly Post, or the Solemn 
League and Covenant! 
Tttlg.-"What is that you say P Is it the Covenant you have? 
Bu0k._'YeS ; what then, sir? 
Teag.-Which is that Covenant? 
B0ok,_Why, this is the Covenant. 
Tmg.-Well, I must take that Covenant. 
Bu0k._Y0l1 take my commodities P 
Tmg.-I must take that Covenant, upon my soul, now. 
Boole.-Stand off; sir, or I'll set you further! 
Teag._Well, upon my soul, now, I will take the Covenant for my 
B70lt,_Y0lll' master must pay me for't, then ! 
Teng._I must take it first, and my master will pay you afterwards. 
BM,-You must pay me now. 
Teag.--Oh! that I will [Knocks llim dawn]. NOW you're paid, you 
thief of the world. Here's Covenants enough to poison the whole 
nation. [Ex-it. 
Book.-What a devil ails this fellow? [Crying], He did not come to 
rob me, certainly ; for he has not taken above two-pennywoith of 
lamentable ware away; but I feel the rascal's fingers. I may 
light upon my wild Irishman again, and, if I do, I will fix him 
with some catchpole, that shall be worse than his own country 
bogs. [Exir. 
In the Ii-aquel, Teague is caught by the conliables, and is liberated at 
the interference of his mafler, who pays twopence for the book. The 
plot of the comedy is but a Grnple one, and is neither {kilfully nor natu- 
rally carried nut. Colonel Blunt comes to London from Reading in the 


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