Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
tranFa6Iions, which lead to the difgrace of them all, and in the courfe of 
which the virtue of the ufurer's Wife falls a facrilice. Meanwhile Hue 
fortunes of the two apprentices have been advancing in directly oppolite 
direftions. Quicktilver, the unworthy apprentice, leaves his matter, pro- 
ceeds from bad to worfe, and finally is committed to prifon, for a crime 
the punilhrnent of which was death. On- the other hand, Golding has 
not only gained his maPter's efteem and married his daughter Mildred, and 
been adopted as the heir to his wealth, but he has merited the refpeet of 
his fellow-citizens, and has been promoted in municipal rank. It becomes 
Golding's duty to prefide over the trial of his old fellow apprentice Quick- 
filver, but the latter efcapes through Golding's generofity. 
There is tome found morality in the fpirit of this comedy, and a very 
large amount of immorality in the text. There was, indeed, a coarfe 
licence in the relations of fociety at this period, which are but too faith- 
fully reprefented in its literature. But there are two circumftances, acci- 
dentally attached to this drama, which give it a peculiar intereft. XVhen 
brought out upon the Rage it contained reflections upon Scotchmen 
which provoked the anger of king James I. to fuch a degree, that all the 
authors were feized and thrown into prifon, and narrowly efcaped the lots 
of their ears and notes, but they obtained their releate with fome dith- 
culty, and only through powerful intercellion. In the copy which has 
been brought down to us through the prehs, we find no reflections what- 
ever upon Scotchmen, fo that it mull have been altered from the original 
text. When we CO11ll(lEl' that, at this time, the Englith court and capital 
were crowded with needy Scottilh adventurers, who were looked upon 
with great jealoufy, it is not improbable that in the original form of the 
comedy, Sir Petronel Flath may have been a Scotchman, and intended 
not only as a fatire upon the Scottifh adventurers in general, but to have 
been defigned for fome one in particular who had the means of bringing 
upon the authors the extreme difpleafure of the court. 
The other circumflance which has given celebrity to this comedy, is 
one of Hill greater intereit. After the Refioration, it was new modelled 
by Nicholas Tate, and brought again upon the Rage under the title of 
" Cuckold's Haven." Perhaps through this remodelled edition, Hogarth 


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