Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
but perhaps more frequently difiipated, who play their parts in the piece ; 
and often a daughter, who is either a model of modefty and all the 
domeitic virtues, and is finally the reward of fome hero of good principles, 
who has been temporarily led aftray, and his charaeter miiinterpreted, or 
who is gay and intriguing, and comes to difgrace. But the favourite 
idea of excellence, or, to ufe a technical phraie, the Z-eau ideal of this 
comedy, appears to have been a wild youth, who goes through every 
fcene of diliipation, in a gentlernanly manner (as the term was then under- 
liood), and comes out at the end of the play as an honeit, virtuous man, and 
receives the reward for qualities which he had not previouily difplayed. 
Sometimes the writers of this comedy indulged in perlonal, or even 
in political, allufions which brought them into trouble. In the year 
1605, Ben Jonfon, George Chapman, and John Marfton, wrote jointly a 
comedy entitled "Ealiward Hoe." It is a very excellent and amuiing 
comedy, and was very popular. Touchftone, an honelt goldiinith in the 
city, has two apprentices, Golding, a ibber and induftrious youth, and 
Quicklilver, who is an irreclaimable rake. Touchftone has alfo two 
daughters, the eldeft of whom, Gertrude, affeets the fine lady, and is 
ambitious of finding a hutband in the fafhionable world, while her 
younger iiiter, Mildred, is all virtue and humility. Au attachment arites 
between Golding and Mildred. Another charaeter in this drama is a 
needy, fcheming knight, who lives upon the town, and rejoices in the name 
of Sir Petronel Flalh. Sir Petronel is attracted by the rich dowry which 
the young lady, Gertrude, had to expect, pays his court to her, and eahly 
works upon her vanity; and, her mother encouraging her, they are haliily 
married, contrary to the wilhes of her father. The knight is fuppofed to 
poifeis a magnificent cafile fomewhere to the eait of London, and the young 
bride and her mother proceed in fearch of this, from which the comedy 
derives its title of " Ealtward Hoe," but they are involved in various dill 
agreeable adventures in the fearch, which ends in the conviction that it is 
all a fable. Another character in the play is a greedy and unprincipled 
uiiircr, who is fo jealous of his young and pretty wife, that he keeps her 
under lock and key; and this man is deeply involved in money-lending 
with Sir Petronel Flafh, and they are engaged in a feries of unprincipled 


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