Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
The Retioration furniflied better fongs than prints, and many years 
paffed befoze any caricatures worthy of notice appeared in England. 
Even burlefque fubjeits of any merit occur but rarely, and I hardly know 
of one which is worth defcribing here. Among the beft of thofe I have 
met with, is a pair of plates, publilhed in 1660, reprefenting Lent and 
Shrovetide, and thefe, I believe, are copied or imitated from foreign 
prints. Lent is come as a thin rniferable-looking knight-errant, appro- 
priately armed aud mounted, ready to give battle to Shrovetide, whole 
good living is pernicious to the Whole community, and he abufes his oppo- 
nent in good round terms. In the companion print, of which our cut 
No. 185 is a copy, Shrovetide appears as a jolly champion, quite ready to 
meet his enemy. He is belt defcribed in the following lines, extracted 
from the verfes which accompany the prints  
Fart Sllrowetyde, mounted an a gaodfatt ore, 
Suppvfd tllat Lent wax mad, or caught a_fZzxe," 
Armed cap-a-pea from head unto the lieel, 
Affit Iii: longfward,_fi2me'w11at 'warfe tlzanjimle, 
(slzeatfd in a fart pigge and a peace qfporke), 
Hi: batrlesfld -wit]: -wine, -welljiapr -wiilz carke; 
T lie I100 plump capansjiuttering at iii: crapper ; 
And "s [boulders 1ac'd with _[a1v_lZxges fizr_fup[1er ; 
Tue gridifn (like a qvelljirung injlrumenz) 
Hung at Iii: barke, and fbr tlze rurnament 
His lzelmet is a bray? putt, and lzisflagge 
A cookesfoule apron, -wlzicli tlze wind doll: wugg, 
Fixd to a bruome : iliu: bravely lie did ride, 
And boldly to liisfae be tlzu: replied. 
 was d runk.


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